I wish I had no Heart

I wish I had no heart, no feelings, and no emotions

Life would be only about logic and rationalisation…

I wish I had no heart, no love and no sorrow

No sentiments to lend to the world, no sentiments to borrow…

I wish I had no heart, no trust and no betrayal

No love to give, no faith to keep and no secrets to share…

I wish I had no heart, no butterflies at his sight

No goose bumps, no passion and no separation plight…

I wish I had no heart, no kindness no generosity

Only give and take, no considerations and no charity…

Wait a minute! But, would life be, as beautiful, as now?

Despite of the pains and cruelties of the world, I don’t know, somehow

I suddenly feel the urge to stop making this wish

Because without the heart there will be a lot that I will miss…

Sorrow and joy, love and grief, emotions passion and feel

These are significant colours of life that make it worth living…

I wish I had never met that heart that led to my moral fall

I wish to have a stronger heart, rather than no heart at all!!




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