I wish I had no Heart

I wish I had no heart, no feelings, and no emotions

Life would be only about logic and rationalisation…

I wish I had no heart, no love and no sorrow

No sentiments to lend to the world, no sentiments to borrow…

I wish I had no heart, no trust and no betrayal

No love to give, no faith to keep and no secrets to share…

I wish I had no heart, no butterflies at his sight

No goose bumps, no passion and no separation plight…

I wish I had no heart, no kindness no generosity

Only give and take, no considerations and no charity…

Wait a minute! But, would life be, as beautiful, as now?

Despite of the pains and cruelties of the world, I don’t know, somehow

I suddenly feel the urge to stop making this wish

Because without the heart there will be a lot that I will miss…

Sorrow and joy, love and grief, emotions passion and feel

These are significant colours of life that make it worth living…

I wish I had never met that heart that led to my moral fall

I wish to have a stronger heart, rather than no heart at all!!


About Surabhi Pandey 292 Articles
A former TV Presenter at Doordarshan Delhi​, Surabhi is the author of 'Nascent Wings' and 'Saturated Agitation'. She is a freelance journalist focused on Lifestyle and Social commentaries. She has been writing in this space for six years. Her work has appeared in numerous media outlets, including the Times of India, YP SG, Lifestyle Collective, Youth Ki Awaaz and Re:ad Poetry among others. She also writes Tech articles that have appeared on Tech Collective, Kr Asia, SBO.SG, SYNC PR, Entrepreneur and e27. She is the founder of The Vent Machine.

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