India Hai! Toh Line Toh Hogi Hi!

Yeh India hai meri jaan!

Apna pyara Hindustan…


Any work here is due

If you’ve not been part of a queue!



Ticket-counters to showroom entries

Public toilets, anywhere in the country

Witness lines of impatient masses

Fight starts if anyone surpasses!



Only the elite people are privileged

To get their jobs done without lines

The common man suffers, he is frustrated

And later on they say- Chalo, its fine!



“Bade logon k kaam aise hi hote hain,

Hamein to chappal ghisna hai, sikke hi khote hain!!”



Hostility, unawareness and corruption

Lead to the “line me ao” wali frustration

“Line lagi hai bhai, andhe ho kya”?

“4 dino se khada hun, tum Birla k bande ho kya?”



Auditions, interviews, form submissions,

Ye India hai bhai,

Queues are a compulsion!!


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