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You live as long as you dance. These are the words of French ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev who was probably one of the first prominent male ballet dancers in his time. In today's time, art, music and dance are even more relevant. We all are craving for an escape, a release. For me, attending the preview... Continue Reading →

Adding a dash of colour in the otherwise dull quarantine life

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Fashion designer Tanya Sinha loves to travel but now that COVID-19 has dampened the entire world's holiday plans, we are all discovering new talents. From cooking to meditation and cleaning to reading-- we are all finding new hobbies; for Tanya, the new-found hobby is digital colouring. She shares her experiences and musings in this blog post... Continue Reading →

Art of Nature Journey to Chiang Mai with Lucinda Law

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Lucinda Law's Within Art Studio organises Art of Nature Journey annually. If you are a nature lover or peace seeker constantly on the lookout for a getaway from the concrete jungle, this retreat is for you. If you are someone who loves nature-inspired art and wants a chance to learn watercolour botanical illustration from one of... Continue Reading →

‘Flashes of brilliance’: celebrating Singapore’s National Day with the artwork of Chen Wen Hsi

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I was at the opening ceremony of ‘Flashes of Brilliance: Selected Works of Chen Wen Hsi from the Collections of Johnny Quek and the Lewis Sisters’ which was held at The Private Museum last week. This special edition of the Collector Series showcases previously unseen works of the late Singaporean pioneer artist, Chen Wen Hsi.... Continue Reading →

Take This From Mother Nature

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I am at Pollen, Gardens By The Bay with botanical illustrationist Lucinda. Today is the first of her weekly botanical workshops at this surreal location. One of the things about working closely with an insightful artist like herself is that you learn a lot and not just work-wise but she actually has a significant impact... Continue Reading →

Other World

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Sometimes I go through my day Functioning on autopilot. I speak when I'm spoken to I respond with a nod or a smile Just enough to not seem absent. I'm sorry if I zoned out Sometimes it's impossible To get out of my world. Everything is perfect there Unlike the real one, here. Books float... Continue Reading →

When I Met Little Miss Bento At World’s First Kumoya Toki-doki Pop Up Cafe

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Little Miss Bento aka Shirley Wong Loves Doodling and Packing Lunch Boxes - This Led Her to Become A Renowned Food Artist What comes to our mind when someone mentions food? Taste and if we think a little harder - presentation. Enter Miss Shirley Wong and your food is not only appealing to your taste buds... Continue Reading →

In Conversation With India’s Love Coach and No. 1 Radio Jockey – RJ Rahul Makin

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"Main Rahul Makin Banna Chahta Hun" Not one but many of the students that I interviewed during my stint as a Journalism Professor in New Delhi said this to me. RJ Rahul Makin has been the reason behind many young aspirants dreaming to be a voice that matters and stands for change. Today, we know him... Continue Reading →

How Being A Potterhead Made My Childhood Better

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Dear J.K Rowling, I owe you my sanity. I was 9 when I held the first Harry Potter book in my hands. It was the very first edition of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". I don't quite remember who bought me my first HP book - I think it was my Grandfather. I remember... Continue Reading →

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