Fashion designer Tanya Sinha loves to travel but now that COVID-19 has dampened the entire world’s holiday plans, we are all discovering new talents. From cooking to meditation and cleaning to reading– we are all finding new hobbies; for Tanya, the new-found hobby is digital colouring. She shares her experiences and musings in this blog post with us. 


Because colours bring joy

Colours have always fascinated me since childhood days. So, I guess it was only natural for me to take on digital colouring while staying at home during this ongoing lockdown in India amidst the COVID-19 crisis. While it can be challenging to stay locked away at home while the world fights this battle, the bright side is that we get to engage ourselves in learning new skills and finding new hobbies.

Artbook-FB copy

I have been spending a lot of time on digital colouring lately. It not only distracts me from all the madness on the news but also helps me manifest my creativity. Digital colouring can be done on almost every design software including Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

I opted for Adobe Photoshop CS6 as it is easy to use and has a wide range of vibrant colours in the palette. The way it allows me to brighten up a greyscale sketch is quite indulging.

Artbook-FB copy

Artists coming together on social media

Scouring for sketches to colour, I went through several Instagram profiles and I was happy to see that many sketching artists kindly provide templates for colouring exercises for free. Two IG handles caught my eye– Bhuli and eUttranchal. I loved their style. 

Left- Bhuli, Right- eUttaranchal

I started with Bhuli’s templates- Pahadi Girl & Mango Lover. Both turned out really good and my love for colours even sparked more with this. Then, I picked 5 templates from eUttranchal’s Nanda colouring  Book– Choliya Nritya, Pahadi Dincharya, Nanda Raajjaat, Apaen & Sardiyo ki Barfbaari and added more life to the beautiful sketches with colours. I am in love with my bright, vibrant digital colouring and it is hard for me to pick one.

Which one do you love the most?

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By Surabhi Pandey

Surabhi Pandey, a former Delhi Doordarshan presenter, is a journalist currently based in Singapore. She is the author of ‘Nascent Wings’ and ‘Saturated Agitation’ and has contributed to over 15 anthologies in English and Hindi in India and Singapore. She writes on topics related to lifestyle and travel and is an active reporter on the tech startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. She is the editor and founder of The Vent Machine.

2 thoughts on “Adding a dash of colour in the otherwise dull quarantine life”
  1. My favourite is girl sliding on the sledge, probably because it takes me back to my childhood comics days. It’s happy, innocent, merged with nature and vibrant colors of life. Puupy surely adds more meaning to it.

    1. Great to hear, Thanks Himanshu
      Childhood days have always been the precious ones 🙂

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