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Showcasing local artists through workshops, retail pop-ups and art exhibitions, Lasalle alumni’s ‘Airplane Mode’ in GR.iD is an event to look forward to this holiday season

Patrons can look forward to public workshops conducted by various artists as well as retail pop-up featuring up-and-coming brands and independent labels from 5th November 2021 to 9th January 2022, from 11AM to 9PM. GR.iD will feature an exhibition space where independent local artists can showcase their creations.

The past two years have been a blur, and by now, the COVID fatigue has gotten to us all. Despite vaccinated travel lanes opening up slowly, we are still far way from “normal”. Lately, the only escape we’ve had from our mundane locked down lives has been the screens – from work to leisure, and weddings to get togethers- everything has been happening on devices for the past two years. For a breath of fresh air and a break from catching up with almost daily updated guidelines and rules,  an artsy escape might be just what we need this holiday season.


As such, graduates and students from Lasalle College of Arts have come together to organise and launch Airplane Mode, an event happening in GR.iD for two months from November to December 2021. The concept behind ‘Airplane Mode’ is to serve as a reminder to disconnect from the noise of one’s devices and life; and to enter a space that’s meant for reflection and appreciation for art and creativity. Showcasing local artists, the event aims to promote the art culture and creativity of Singapore and will feature various creative workshops, independent retail brands and an exhibition of creations.

In a time when it’s hard to be an artist, the use of the paperclip in their logo symbolises the simple act of supporting one another, a mark of the local communities coming together in support and a show of resilient solidarity in the midst of the pandemic.

Creating something uniquely beautiful through the workshops

Featuring 10 different workshops conducted by different local brands, Airplane Mode aims to allow Singaporeans to tap into their creative side and explore the possibilities of their own creations using different mediums from fabrics and textiles to music to painting and digital art.

From the classic workshops such as crocheting and art jamming sessions to songwriting, one can look forward to various methods of creating something new and unique to them.

“The workshops in The Airplane Mode are safe spaces for our participants to come and get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, create something unique and to bring home something meaningful while exploring their creative selves,” said Benedict Yu, one of the organisers.

All workshops will be conducted in compliance with safe distancing measures and will thus allow for more intimate sessions, instilling trust and a sense of community between participants and artists. So, this holiday season, put your devices away and head out for an engaging artsy evening with your loved ones.

For more information on Airplane Mode: click here. Register for the workshops, here, and if you wish to find out more about the location of the event, visit GR.iD’s website.

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