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I recreated my favourite Rachel Green outfits. Here’s how it turned out!

I am not a fashion person and I generally don't do this type of content, but there's something about the show FRIENDS that always motivates me to push boundaries.

If you have been a part of the TVM fam for a while, you know that I am obsessed with FRIENDS. Well, who isn’t? One of the biggest reasons why FRIENDS is so popular even today is probably because the characters are so real and relatable.

For me, FRIENDS is more than just another sitcom– it is a therapist, companion and most importantly, a friend. Earlier this year, I wrote this post about why turning 30 is presumed to be a big deal and the pressures that come our way with age. In this article, I discussed how all FRIENDS characters were still figuring out their lives during this time in their life, and we love them– so why can’t we cut ourselves some slack. Last year, I visited the CENTRAL PERK cafe in Singapore for the first time and became a regular there until 2020 hit and the world shut down.

The point here is that I love this show and everything about it.

Out of the many things that I love about the FRIENDS TV show, Rachel Green and her fashion sense hold a special place in my heart. She is retable and effortless, and so is her fashion.

With the pandemic and constant isolation, it has been hard to maintain sanity. Although movement restrictions have been eased in Singapore, I am still staying home to do my part because the virus is still very much around.

So, this weekend, I decided to take my love for FRIENDS and Rachel Green several notches higher, and recreated some of Rachel Green’s most iconic outfits.

The classic Rachel Green outfit

Rachel’s white top pleated skirt dress is among the top images that pop up on Google if you search “Rachel Green Outfit” and I had to attempt this look.

While it is humanly impossible for anyone to match Jennifer Aniston’s exquisite personality or looks, I tried my level best to at least copy the clothes.

I got this skirt for S$19 (USD 10) and the striped long socks for S$6 (USD 3.50) from Shein. I already had the white top, It is from H&M (S$29).

The one with Rachel Green at Central Perk

Waitressing at Central Perk was an integral part of Rachel’s life in the first few seasons. It was in this coffee house where she got “one of those job things” for the first time in her life. Her classic black skirt with apron look is an all-time fan favourite.

To construct this Rachel Green outfit, I got a black mini skirt from Shein for S$8 (USD 5). I already had an apron (from a random Halloween costume), shoes (Hush Puppies – S$80), stockings (S$ 3 online) and a basic black T-shirt (Uniqlo S$ 14) in my wardrobe. I used a cute teapot to complete the look.

The Rachel Green boss lady look

Another fan-favourite Rachel phase was when she moved on to work at designer houses like Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren. Her power suits and work clothes are super trendy and chic even today!

For this look, I did not buy anything new. I used the same black mini skirt from the Central Perk look. I already had the blazer– it is from G2000 and costs S$ 159, and the basic white shirt is from Uniqlo, I got it for S$ 29.50.

Another amazing Rachel Green outfit

I am head-ver-heels in love with this look. It is effortless and looks super chic and classy. I repurposed the same mini skirt and white shirt. This belt is from Lifestyle (probably Hyderabad). I think it was around INR 500 when I bought it two years ago.

Interestingly, I had bought these boots some 3+ years ago and I wore them for the first time for this shoot, So, I was super happy. They are from Clarks and they cost around S$ 239.

Rachel Green’s checkered short dress look

I love all of Rachel’s slip-ons, short tunics and dresses, and this checkered number is another one of my favourite looks.

This dress was also a freaking steal from Shein. I got it just for S$10 (USD 7)! Actually, one of the best things about this whole experience has been the fact that I did not spend any money just for the sake of this post. I only bought a few clothes that I can also use otherwise, plus I found them all at very reasonable and discounted prices. #nowastage

I am not a fashion person and I generally don’t do this type of content, but there’s something about the show FRIENDS that always motivates me to push boundaries.

This is my first-ever attempt trying something like this and I really hope that you enjoyed the post. I hope I was able to remind you of some fun scenes with these looks and bring a smile to your face.

Before you go, can you please tell me which look did you like the most?
P.S. I have a favourite too but you go first 🙂

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