Thanksgiving has not been a very big deal here but with increasing influences from pop culture and cultural exchanges, Singapore is starting to warm up to the festival. Generally, thanksgiving is a holiday associated with Pilgrims and Native Americans in the US. It is interesting to see the ways Singaporeans interpret Thanksgiving and celebrate the festival in their very own way.

The Vent Machine Features Writer Addison delves deep into the festival of giving thanks in Singapore.

The Thanksgiving Dinner


There’s no doubt that Singaporeans love food, and Thanksgiving here mainly revolves just around that: bringing out the best of the best on the table. Western Michelin-awarded restaurants, such as Bread Street Kitchen and Wolfgang’s Steakhouse bring out some of their most delectable menu associated with this holiday to entice guests and we gather at these amazing restaurants with friends as well as families. With scrumptious choices like Welsh Rarebit and Stuffed Mushroom, Tom Turkey and Braised Turkey Leg, the food options are authentic and very Thanksgiving-worthy. Singaporeans finish off the dinner with an appetising American cornbread and are generally in the same heart-warmed uplifted mood like the people in America (with the exception of snow and cold weather).

The Shopping Extravaganza: Black Friday Sales


If there’s another thing that we love as much as we love food, it is the sheer joy on shopping during the sales season. And, we celebrate Thanksgiving with massive Black Friday sales online as well as in brick and mortar stores. Businesses run mega sales in conjunction with European and American markets to sell products off in both the real and virtual world and practically, anything you can imagine is running on a sale. From IT products to the usual megastore purchases, to even travel packages for music festivals– everything is available at discounted rates. And, true blue Singaporeans move items from their wish list to the cart during this season.

Beyond Consumerism: About Giving Thanks


I find this point interesting as I see some of my friends posting about how grateful and thankful they are for all the opportunities and people they have each Thanksgiving. While it is endearing and heartwarming to acknowledge and appreciate the people and things we have in our lives that #sparkjoy; however, for me it is something more than that. I feel like Thanksgiving is a time for us to take a step back to reflect on the people whom we are no longer able to give thanks to – the ones we know who have lost a friend or family over the past year or someone who is no longer with us–  a reminder to cherish the good memories form the past. Personally, I feel that Thanksgiving is a good way to get closure and usher in the new year with a positive approach. Thanksgiving reminds me of  the up holidays, the jobs associated with it and of course the arrival of new opportunities with the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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