As the Bras Basah and Bugis District light up for the 12thEdition of Singapore Night Festival, I couldn’t help and notice how prominent this event has become through the years. Today, it remains among one of the few events in Singapore I hold dearly ever since my first visit eight years ago. I can still vividly remember the magic as I visited the cute Annokiprojection show back in 2015 or even the interactive Gipsy booth just last year – as the event always never fails to give me a fresh perspective when it comes to combining vibrancy in art with nightlife. Well, I’m glad it remains as one of those exceptionally rare events annually on our hectic sunny shores and another one of those mood lifters to our rather diminishing nightlife.


Here are some features of the glitz you can find in its 12thEdition:

Keep Dreaming and The Legend of Ramayana by Spectaculaires

No Singapore Night Festival would be complete without a decent showcase of a monument light-up and multimedia performance. This year’s iconic highlight features Keep Dreaming and The Legend of Ramayana upon the grounds of National Museum of Singapore Area. Keep Dreaming follows the story of three mysterious characters making a shape from the solemn building asleep. The characters then step through the world of stars, the jungle, as well as the deep sea together with a backstory of kids on a whimsical journey of awe, wonder and pursuit of curiosity with a theme of shedding an underlying message for our environment.


On the other side, The Legend of Ramayana – would mark the first time that the Banyan tree will see a projection work complemented by a stirring gamelan instrumental performance. The projection retells the story of the Ramayana in traditional Javanese tembang or poetry way in collaboration with the Asian Civilisations Museum to spin the tale through projection and audio enjoyment.

Take feature photos on SMU Green with In:Sight and Lucent

While you take your time to explore the various venue of Singapore Night Festival, be sure to check out the grounds of Singapore Management University(SMU) Green as In:Sight and Lucent sets itself uniquely to illuminate the university campus grounds into an otherworldly space. Be captivated by LED set-up featuring a collaboration of Sansys collective, Alison Poon and Tran Tuan Congas they excite your creativity to play with the display and the dark for your perfect insta-worthy shot. Or you can consider the crowd-sourced digital projection over at Lucent instead.

Visit all-time carnival favourites at Armenian St’s Festival Village

Good food and drinks jam-packed with featured performances are trademarks of the festival. Over at Armenian St’s festival village walkthrough features a series of food stalls from Loco Loco’s Takoyaki selection (@locolocosg), Lobster & Burger and Soicoco’s (@sweetvega.neko)coconut soft serve. But, what really caught my attention was Oo La.lab’s (@oola.lab)fragrance mixology bar – a Singaporean illuminated fragrance mixing pop-up stall in the middle of the festival. This was a pleasant surprise for me as I really love the fragrance and it really excited my senses walking through the crowd. Ending off my visit was to hit all my senses and to check out the local bands who were playing for the night.


Be sure to check-out this timetable this weekend:

29th August 2019 (Friday)  
8pm – 8.30pm Marco Marcus – drummer and cajonist
8.45pm – 9.45pm Fyrdauz Macbeth – Singer-songwriter
11pm – 12mn Amanda Tee – Vocalist
30th August 2019 (Saturday)  
6pm – 7pm The Moon House – buskers
7pm – 8pm Helmizar Kamal – multi-instrumentalist
8.45pm – 9.45pm Iman & Friends Quartet – Jazz band
11pm – 12mn Jan & Band – Musicians

What are you the most excited about this year? Tell us in the comments below.