You might have seen the viral video of the Indian family who was caught stealing from a hotel in Bali. This incident has resulted in a conversation across media platforms on how we, as Indians, behave when we travel. However, today we are here to talk about the many wonderful Indian travellers who visit all parts of the world and do amazing things. As Rachel Vincent in her book, My Soul to Save, mentions: “The worst memories stick with us, while the nice ones always seem to slip through our fingers”.

This article highlights five Indians who love to travel while ensuring that they offer something to each place they visit.

Ruchi and Avi- Making local connections

Ruchi and Avi spend their time travelling to different countries, living with the locals, making friends, getting to know the food, the stories, and the culture up close and personal. This sharing of cultures, the understanding of the places, is what sets them apart. They set up a YouTube Channel, Second Breakfast, to chronicle their journey.

Shivya Nath- Volunteering while travelling

Shivya Nath spent a few days volunteering with the coral reef restoration project in Cuba. She spent her time picking up plastic, beer bottles, and all the waste items that are carelessly thrown away. She writes about her experiences in her blog

Parm Johal- a Travel journalist 

Parm Johal is the founder and editor of a travel magazine + blog, Her travel write-ups focus on culture, arts, and independent travel. Over the years, she has worked with (or have been hosted by) various tourism boards like Atout France Canada, Maui Visitors Bureau, Whistler Tourism, Vancouver Tourism, Los Angeles Tourism, and New York Tourism.

Arun Bhat- Offering workshops and photography tours

Thanks to social media, everyone wishes to take amazing pictures to share on their profile. Arun Bhatt is an award-winning internationally-published photographer with a love for travel. He conducts workshops and photography tours each time he travels, so people from all over the world get to learn from him, while he travels the world. His website,, contains some of the most breathtaking pictures that he has taken while on these travels.

Richa Gupta- Responsible and offbeat traveller

Richa Gupta, a traveller at heart, has witnessed a need for responsible tourism. So,  her blog,, has various posts highlighting the need for travellers to think about the local people, culture, traditions, and the impact of tourism on the environment.


To conclude, since the number of Indians visiting foreign lands is increasing, some incidents may happen that showcase the people of India in a negative light. But, it is important to keep in mind that while there are people who would be rude or obnoxious, there are many who travel around the world while doing amazing things and making India proud.


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