Jhabbanlal DAV SR. Sec School Starts An Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship Program Kenshō for Class XI Students

Gone are the days when books, exams and weekly CCE activities were enough for a student’s overall growth. With the advent of internet and the digital tide, job sectors have changed dynamically and so have the academic institutions. The shape of the Indian Education system has evolved in the past 10 years. We are living in the age of start-ups where millennials are either starting new businesses or working for one.

Focusing on honing entrepreneurial skills of students has become a key element, especially in the Intermediate years. In light of these developments, Jhabbanlal DAV Sr. Sec School located in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi have started an initiative called Kenshō. Under the leadership of Principal Ms. Anupama Bindra and (Economics PGT) Mrs. Rajni Kamboj, this venture aims at developing entrepreneurial skills among students of class XI. 

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Principal Anupama Bindra believes that the program will help students get a holistic education and practical exposure. Plus, this project will also add to their portfolio and help them with college applications. 

Under this initiative students are going through the entire practical curve of Production, Sale and Revenue Generation. The best part is that they are making eco-friendly products like paper bags, diya, , pencils, games, eatables, rakhis and other jute products. With proper guidance from teachers and support from the school administration, students recently put up stalls to sell these hand-made products in the school premises. They generated up to 10,000 rupees in the initial attempt. 

Mrs. Rajni Kamboj says that under the Kenshō venture, students have learnt a lot about leadership, decision-making, confidence, team work and managing funds. The school plans on involving more and more students in the program so that they can learn these skills.

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It is indeed a great opportunity for students to get this kind of practical exposure and learn by actually going through the entire process themselves. they not only learn about business strategies but also develop the discipline to work under deadlines, with a team and in a systematic manner.

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