Thank you Kausar Munir and Parineeti Chopra.

In the age of Sheilas, Munnis and Chamelis, a soulful track with good lyrics is a rare piece of joy. After a long time, Pritam and Amitabh  Bhattacharya presented beautiful music in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. The latest song that struck a chord with not only me but millions is – Maana ki Hum Yaar Nahi – the mesmerising track from Meri Pyaari Bindu. Written by Kausar Munir and melodiously sung Parineeti Chopra, this song makes me want to cry everytime I listen to it. It is so good that I am running out of words to describe it. I am proud of Kausar Munir as a woman, poetess and a lyricist. The words are deep, meaningful and they flow like honey. How can someone be so gifted? How can someone pen down so many threads of emotions through such simple words? There is an epiphany in this song. It is just too good! Parineeti’s raw and fresh voice has an intangible essence, which directly touches my heart every time I listen to this song. (By the way, I have been listening to this song on  a loop.)


Thank you Kausar Munir and Parineeti Chopra. Please give us more such tracks.


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