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Getting (Moniteraly) Appreciated as a Writer: A Scant Thing of Joy

As a freelance writer, I am approached by a lot of websites, magazines, newspapers and blogs to write/edit for them. The harsh reality that we as writers face is that despite enough experience and  a good profile to boast, few of us are actually paid for our creative writeups. Most companies expect us to write for free. Forget paying, getting byline/author bios on their allegedly awesome”platforms” is in itself considered a favour to the Intellectual property holders of the content. (Read with rolling eyes)


In such times I have met two people/companies who have pleasantly surprised me with good pay cheques that too without me opening my mouth. I would like to mention these two names with pride, gratitude and honour.

  1. Bonobology.com (Raksha Bharadia Ma’am) – An intriguing website based on relationships.
  2. 2. News Times Post (Virendra Singh Rawat Sir) – An amazing English Fortnightly published from Lucknow, distributed all over India.

I am thankful to have met these two people and I am glad that I got associated with their respective companies. More than the money, your encouragement, appreciation and motivation boost my moral. Thank you 🙂

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