When we feel angry, upset or agitated for any reason; it is important to vent it out. If we keep it inside, it boils and boils and boils and makes us crazy! Its better to yell, scream, fight, even abuse if we feel like.

Now, if it is someone close to us that we are mad at, it’s even better. Why? This is because we can yell at that person as much as we want and s/he would understand. If it is someone we are not that close to, who’s bothering us, bursting out in front of people we can talk to is better than choosing to gossip. Furthermore, if it is the circumstances that we are stressed about – it’s better to see a doctor, a counselor, a friend or anyone from the family who gives us a sense of comfort.

For people like me, its good that we have this space. The power of words. I scream through my words and feel better. This sense of release is important. Actually, its necessary.

P.S. : This blog is a medium to vent it out. Nothing literary.

(I just vented out a little too much on some friends/colleagues. hence, this may be a guilt blog! – read with eyes rolling!)


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