Happy New Year!

What is life? A cluster of seconds, which convert into minutes

that become hours, days, weeks, months

and eventually a year.

Another year has passed

Another life lesson learnt… well, not one, many!

Do I have any complaints for 2016

or any resolutions for 2017?


I am thankful for all the smiles, also for the tears

I am grateful that I lived yet another year

The key to survival has been a lot of things

My Being, My Family, My Friends and My Books

What gives the maximum strength to vent all out

is my strength of words, when I write I literally shout

So Dear 2017…

I Welcome you with wide open arms

Lets live life together, rejoicing the ups and downs..

Bye-Bye 2016,

Thank you for Being what you were, You taught me a lot of things:)




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