Rambling about Ruby Rai – A little too much?

All of us have been penning and babbling about the Bihar Topper fiasco. Given the fact that we live in the era of the internet, it has become easy for us to have an opinion and share it. Everyone wants to write/ share images about a viral topic.

A. It sells.

B. It interests audiences. (Hence, it sells)

Ruby Rai is one name, which is no more a common one these days. She is the unfateful topper of the Bihar Board Examinations and we as a society have left no stone unturned to make her a part of headlines for the past week or so. Let me ask one simple question. How far can we go in humiliating, torturing and defaming that 17-year-old child? Hasn’t she already got enough for her ‘fraud’? I mean she got arrested, what more do we want? Or are we going to push her to  a point where she turns suicidal and then may be we will go Oh! Its time to blame the government now! I could not agree more on the obvious aspects of this fiasco. Yes, the Bihar Education Board needs total renovation. Yes, the system needs to be cleansed and checked. But how much is it right to pin point one student ?


Instead of focusing on one candidate who landed up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, let us focus on the real problem. I mean, on one hand we advocate rehabilitation of criminals, rapists, burglars and thieves; while on the other we are in no mood to spare this girl who became  a product of a corrupt system at such a young age! People, stop.

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