I lived in a cave for a long time, It was warm and safe
I liked it there, it was cosy
My home, my lovely cave

I was happily growing, Until one day, I felt
Excess movement, expulsion
Almost like a swing

I was forced to escape out,Through a very narrow tunnel
I wept, I was afraid
At the sudden newness

There was light, I could not see but I heard voices in vicinity
One voice said, ‘it would’ve been easier with safety’

Another voice, a familiar one
Replied in a choked tone
‘This is not a great time; lecture me once this trouble is gone’

Before I could realise,
I was trashed into something
I could not open my eyes
I heard the word ‘Polythene’

I think after a little while I felt I was in air
I was crying loud suffocated wondering why was I here?
Another instant I felt a thud
My head hit something hard
Next thing I know I lay in mud
With rotten legs and body scarred
I had been half eaten by some deadly animal
What was left of me was rotten and detestable

Suddenly the air had a strange ferocity
Fear drenched me as I looked with curiosity

A big animal, 4 legged, with sharp teeth
Approached me and it seeped
My flesh with its fangs
Excruciating pain took away my life with a bang!!

Today I am a melancholy soul
Betrayed by the birth-giver
Can a mother be this cruel?
Even at the thought, I shiver…

About Surabhi Pandey 291 Articles
A former TV Presenter at Doordarshan Delhi​, Surabhi is the author of 'Nascent Wings' and 'Saturated Agitation'. She is a freelance journalist focused on Lifestyle and Social commentaries. She has been writing in this space for six years. Her work has appeared in numerous media outlets, including the Times of India, YP SG, Lifestyle Collective, Youth Ki Awaaz and Re:ad Poetry among others. She also writes Tech articles that have appeared on Tech Collective, Kr Asia, SBO.SG, SYNC PR, Entrepreneur and e27. She is the founder of The Vent Machine.

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