I lived in a cave for a long time, It was warm and safe
I liked it there, it was cosy
My home, my lovely cave

I was happily growing, Until one day, I felt
Excess movement, expulsion
Almost like a swing

I was forced to escape out,Through a very narrow tunnel
I wept, I was afraid
At the sudden newness

There was light, I could not see but I heard voices in vicinity
One voice said, ‘it would’ve been easier with safety’

Another voice, a familiar one
Replied in a choked tone
‘This is not a great time; lecture me once this trouble is gone’

Before I could realise,
I was trashed into something
I could not open my eyes
I heard the word ‘Polythene’

I think after a little while I felt I was in air
I was crying loud suffocated wondering why was I here?
Another instant I felt a thud
My head hit something hard
Next thing I know I lay in mud
With rotten legs and body scarred
I had been half eaten by some deadly animal
What was left of me was rotten and detestable

Suddenly the air had a strange ferocity
Fear drenched me as I looked with curiosity

A big animal, 4 legged, with sharp teeth
Approached me and it seeped
My flesh with its fangs
Excruciating pain took away my life with a bang!!

Today I am a melancholy soul
Betrayed by the birth-giver
Can a mother be this cruel?
Even at the thought, I shiver…

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