The way I love you

I was, not a bit, aware

I could love the way I love you

The emotion that I share

With you is so pious and so true



Your eyes, your smile, your cute pranks on me

Your angelic voice, your incredible ability

To make me do whatever you want

Not by force or demand

Simply because that makes me cheerful

To see a smile on your face so beautiful



Your love has an angelic touch

Sometimes I wonder, is it too much?

To be engrossed limitlessly

To be in love so deeply



Then my heart stops my mind

Saying ‘love can never be defined’,

Measured by quantity or in figures

All logic fails when love is triggered



You care, you share and you make love

You promise that you will never give up

On the idea of ‘Me & U’

I see in your eyes that your love is true



You also seem equally smitten

By my love your life is driven

So let us keep spoiling each other’s heart

With limitless love, till death do us apart


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