Torture of the Time Zone

When you get addicted to talking for hours together

When you are accustomed to all options to keep in touch,

including facebook, wtsapp, calls and twitter

And suddenly comes a change, changing life so much…

When he flies to a country distant and far

when your options remain but are virtually nothing

when you have to keep faith and patience at par

to keep the love budding, blossoming and brimming…

I agree that all cool dotcom devices

are available across the globe and are technological prizes

However, when the time zone tortures your urge

Creepily enter, new grievances and grudge,

While I’m asleep He is off to work

By the time I finish office, he’s done with supper

Wicked games the time is playing

long distance sucks, is an age old saying!

I miss you Dear Love, Please come back soon

And love me all the way from the earth to the moon…


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