Here’s why I love the new Happy Fish HOME @Stevens for my baby girl

As a mum of a 1-year-old (pandemic) baby, I am always on the lookout for engaging and fun activities for my child. She has already spent her first year in isolation, no thanks to covid, so now we make it a point to bring her outdoors and introduce her to new activities.

One of the activities she enjoys the most is pool time. We bring her down to our condo pool quite frequently and she simply loves splashing around and playing in the water.

Therefore, when I got the kind invitation to trial a swimming class at one of Singapore’s best-known swim schools Happy Fish, I had to say yes. We got a chance to experience their all-new Happy Fish HOME @Stevens and it was so much fun!

Nestled at the heart of our urban city, Happy Fish HOME @ Stevens has recently debuted on the weekend of 9-10 April, boasting a thoughtfully-designed indoor swim school with two heated swimming pools, alongside premium shower and dedicated lounge facilities – taking care of you and your little ones’ every need.

Upon arrival, we were graciously hosted by Happy Fish’s crew member Felicia who gave us a tour of the facility, and then after changing and showering at the conveniently located showers right next to the pool, Coach Anqi helped facilitate my daughter’s trial lesson. 

My baby was a bit shy in the beginning and more focused on the stranger lady helping her swim with her mumma than anything else. However, it hardly took coach Anqi five to ten minutes to engage her with floating balls and fish toys. My baby soon started learning while enjoying the session. I was amazed to see that she was already kicking and making right movements by the end of the very first session!

I have to give a shoutout to Anna from Whitelabel PR for being with us throughout our session and guiding us too!

Sustainable, space-efficient and modern design

True to its space-saving features, its design comprises a balancing tank hidden under the stairway, as well as a multi-story pump room. These strategic details contribute to their system of renewable green energy, where the energy used to maintain the pool temperature at 32-33 degrees celsius sustainably cools the lounge and common area, being testament to Happy Fish’s brand as a socially responsible, eco-conscious business. 

With a state-of-the-art water sanitisation and fast-filtration system, Happy Fish Swim School ensures the comfort, hygiene, and safety of your little ones. This consists of a UV filter that lowers chlorine demand up to 90% whilst safely eliminating bacteria and other disinfection by-products.

As part of the premium experience at Happy Fish HOME@Stevens, students are provided towels as well as paraben-free natural shampoo and shower gel in all 12 shower stalls and 8 children’s bathtubs, alongside Dyson hair dryers to enhance one’s after swim care.

Members can also enjoy a dedicated lounge at HOME@Stevens with a free flow of water, snacks, and a hot beverage machine for post-swim hunger pangs.

After our session, we enjoyed a nice fresh cup of coffee in the lounge area while my daughter played with other babies there. It was an enriching, fun afternoon- a Saturday well spent.

If you are keen on helping your child learn to swim, I highly recommend Happy Fish. They have centres at multiple locations across the city-state, learn more about Happy Fish here.

Happy Fish Home is located at 30 Stevens Road, #01-10 Singapore 257840.

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