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3 ways to maximise your home space with ezHome: a one-stop solution housing thousands of home essentials is Singapore’s first home-grown and largest online retailer platform managed and owned by Ezbuy Holding Co., Ltd. The company founded by four aspiring entrepreneurs aims to bring an extensive selection of products from the manufacturing countries – China, USA, Taiwan, and Korea to every Singaporean.

ezbuy, Singapore’s first home-grown and largest online retailer platform, has launched ezHome, a one-stop solution providing instant access to thousands of affordable home and living products on its website and mobile app.

The launch of ezHome comes at a time of pent-up demand among consumers after prolonged periods of social restrictions and work-from-home arrangements. Here are 3 ways you can maximise home space by creating convertible spaces using ezHome products!

Incorporating dual-function furniture

Most of us are living in HDB apartments that may not be as spacious as we’d wish. Leverage on multi-purpose furniture for that flexibility when you don’t want to accumulate too much clutter at home! These foldable furniture are versatile and can provide the right functionality and aesthetic depending on the occasion. With the feasibility of multiple arrangements, these foldable products go a long way in helping to maximise your space and creating more room for other activities.

Rearranging the layout of your spaces

Thinking of creative ways to rearrange your shelving or furniture to make the most out of your home spaces? With the right space-saving furniture, you can make your home look more spacious instantly without costing a fortune! No installation required, check out these affordable products that can be easily stored away when not in use.

Storage and organisation options

With work-from-home being the default for many, things can get cluttered fairly quickly. Plus, as we march into the year-end sales, most of us will be on shopping sprees for the best deals. These stackable shoe boxes and storage boxes are sturdy and durable, propelling your home organisation efforts without breaking the bank! And to tell you a secret, the shoe boxes are made to withstand 200KG of weight! If you are looking for a stool for unexpected use, the shoe box can double up as one!

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