17LIVE is set to emerge a leader in live streaming with global rebranding

17LIVE Inc, the operator of the leading live streaming platform 17LIVE in Asia, announced a global rebranding to unify its brand presence worldwide, in line with the company’s aim to be a leader in the global live streaming industry. Effective today, 17LIVE will go by its new company name, logo, and mission statement.

The 17LIVE Group has six subsidiaries around the world and together, the platform has more than 50 million registered users worldwide. 17LIVE. Inc has seen tremendous business growth in Southeast Asia and is confident in the region’s live
streaming potential. This year, 17LIVE has expanded to Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The brand also witnessed growth in its voice streaming app WAVE in Indonesia. 17LIVE will continue to invest in new markets in Southeast Asia by providing a place for people to connect and interact across the regions. This is only the beginning of 17LIVE & WAVE’s expansion plans as they are hoping to venture into more countries in the near future.

In a virtual event today, 17LIVE announced that the company’s name, logo, and mission statement have been renewed effective last month.

The new company name 17LIVE is pronounced as “One seven Live” Inc. 17LIVE — the company and brand name — is pronounced differently from region to region. For example, it’s “ichi-nana live” in Japan and “yi-qi live” in Taiwan. In the U.S. and other English-speaking markets, it has been known as LIVIT. Going forward, the name will be designated as 17LIVE, unified in all markets, and pronounced as “one seven live” for global brand positioning purposes. The name of its live streaming app will also be “17LIVE (one seven live)” worldwide.

The logo’s emphasis on the numbers 1 and 7 represents the idea of “connecting together across seven continents, under one sky.” The red symbolises the dynamism and fun of live streaming, while the white signifies the unplanned, unscripted “real”
aspect of live performances. In addition, the red colour evokes the image of the “ON AIR” sign, which indicates that a live broadcast is in progress. Just as television and radio nurtured popular culture in the past, 17LIVE seeks to be a platform that creates the culture of the 21st century.

Hirofumi ONO, Global CEO of 17LIVE said, “Founded in Taiwan in 2015, we have been providing services in Japan since 2017 and have grown into a company with offices in 6 countries and more than 900 employees worldwide. With a vision to further grow the live streaming platform, we will continue to create new ways of communications that enable people to connect with anyone at any moment, while exploring the power of technology that continues to evolve with time.”

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