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I tried Schöne mama for postpartum care and you should too!

For mothers who had recently delivered, Schöne mama provides postpartum condition recuperation treatments, while mothers with older children are offered sub-health body constitution management, to feminine wellness maintenance with two different breast massages that cater to both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mothers' needs.

Schöne mama is the first postpartum recovery and health management agency in Singapore with the most extensive and comprehensive suite of professional treatments focusing on nurturing and balancing the wellness of women’s internal and intimate health using a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern technology.

When I first heard about them, the journalist inside me was curious as to what inspired the founder to bring this postpartum care franchise to Singapore. I was curious to learn more about the founder’s vision, the services offered at the agency and more. I interviewed Veronica Ni who brought Schöne mama, China’s first postpartum recovery and health management agency, into Singapore in 2016, after experiencing the difference in treatments between Singapore and China.

We discussed postpartum, puberty and more! Read the interview here.

Later, when Schöne mama kindly extended a media trial session with their amazing consultants at their Paya Lebar outlet, I couldn’t say no. As a six-month postpartum mom, there are hundreds of doubts in my mind about my body and I was excited about this opportunity to be analysed by efficient professionals and treated accordingly.

Herbal steam at Schöne mama: The best 13-minute body spa for postpartum moms

When I arrived, I was provided with a clean robe and fresh pair of undergarments. I changed in their spotlessly clean changing rooms that come with attached washing areas and safely placed my personal items in a safe locker they provided me with. My kind consultant Lin Lin then guided me to the first leg of the treatment: the Herbal Steam.

This is a full-body treatment where you are practically naked and inside a steam machine with your head safely placed outside. For me, this was a winner. As I sat there steaming my body with no smartphone, no external sound or person for those pious 13 minutes, I could feel my stress and tiredness evaporate- literally and figuratively! Lin Lin kindly entered once to offer me a soothing green tea for hydration.


Breast Health Management

Another set of treatments that I tried were breast health management and breast care treatments. One great thing about Schöne mama is that they have a wide range of services that are suitable for all kinds of needs. From breastfeeding moms to non-breastfeeding moms- there is something for everyone here.

Unlike traditional treatment on the breasts, 7 methods of freeing, excreting, regulating, tonifying, charming, sculpting and dissipate binds are combined with Chinese-style five senses therapy to activate deep breast tissues, free the meridians, soften breast lumps and supplement nutrition to the breasts.

Lin Lin was extremely gentle, kind and the treatment was completely non-invasive and almost painless. All consultants are super considerate and not in a rush to attend to the next customer- they give you your due time and attention.

If you are a postpartum mom, please know that caring for yourself is equally important. No matter how trivial you think your doubts are, please seek help. And, for that, I strongly recommend Schöne mama. You can check out their suite of services here.

P.S. Try their SHE face mist. It is amazing for your facial hydration and helps you glow all day long 🙂

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