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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival sustainably with Green Common’s New Plant-based Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is all about family bonding with scrumptious mooncakes, but it is also essential to be mindful of health when indulging in festive treats. This year, Green Common is introducing two new mooncake gift sets, which include the Vegan Custard Mooncake, while the other set features the Figs with Pistachios & Oats Mooncake and Mixed Nuts with Blueberries & Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake.

Artfully crafted with plant-based ingredients, these mooncakes contain 0mg cholesterol and trans-fat* and are free of added preservatives and artificial colourings.

Green Common’s collection of mooncakes are delightful, health-conscious gifts, a perfect treat for your loved ones. With sustainability at the core of Green Common’s ethos the mooncakes boxes have especially been designed using sustainable packaging – the box, sleeve and trays are all completely compostable to help reduce environmental impact. The boxes are printed with soy ink and the mooncake trays are made with sugarcane bagasse.

In addition, the gift box can be used as a mini table for friends and families to play the popular board game “One Night Carniwolves”, which comes together with the gift set, adding an extra dose of fun to the festivities.

To celebrate the launch of these vegan-friendly mooncake sets, Green Common is offering a 20% early- bird promotion discount from the period of 13 August to 12 September. Practical, environmentally friendly and delicious, these gift sets are guaranteed to deliver a green and fun-filled Mid-Autumn Festival this September.

Purchasing Green Common’s mooncake collections available at: Green Common store in Singapore
Pre-order period: 12 August – 12 September Redemption period*: 6 Sep – 21 Sep
Pre-order link:


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