Scarred, dull, and rough Skin? Peachy Skin Bar’s got (not just) your back!

Super Hair Removal (SHR) has grown to become an increasingly common cosmetic procedure in Asia. Similar to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology which utilises extremely concentrated light beams to destroy hair follicles and prevent regrowth, SHR is an alternative that employs softer energy pulses at higher frequencies. SHR employs cutting-edge technology which releases 20-30 shots per second, compared to IPL’s 1 shot per second. While half of the energy is directed at melanin (similar to IPL), the other half is directed at the stem cells that bring about the production of hair. A series of Super Hair Removal treatments permanently removes 95% of the hair treated and targets both coarse and fine hairs while IPL usually only targets coarse hairs. With its impressive technology, it is no wonder that SHR has emerged as the better alternative to IPL.

The SHR handpiece transmits approximately the same amount of total energy as other IPL devices. However, this energy is transmitted intermittently at lower energy levels, which aids in the delivery of the same overall results in a safer and more comfortable manner. The process is virtually pain-free, with many comparing it to getting a hot stone massage. SHR is an excellent choice for all skin types all year round, particularly for those with sensitive skin as it minimises skin trauma.

While SHR treatment effectuates the removal of unwanted hair, many are still in search of a procedure that brightens and smoothens the skin that is left behind.

Peachy’s Fuzz+ Therapy brings about numerous benefits such as spot target whitening, and hydrated, smooth, and supple skin. Along with its whitening effects, the treatment is also beneficial for those who are looking to lighten their body scars and marks. Paired together with Peachy’s SHR procedure, ladies can look forward to achieving enviable, soft skin. Being a dedicated skincare salon, Peachy strives to take care of your skin, beyond just hair removal.

At Peachy Skin Bar, non-members can look forward to bundle prices, while members can enjoy even greater savings. Once you embark on your Peachy Fuzz hair removal journey, you can look forward to having a beautiful, hairless skin glow 360° for 365 days.

“While some people consider their scars to be marks of pride, many others might feel that their scars affect their appearance and become self-conscious about it. You might know a friend who does not want to wear shorts even in this summer heat because he/she is conscious about their leg scars or wear the sleeveless top because he/she is concerned about their darkened underarms.

In the era of body positivity, we are constantly reminded to love our body and accept it unconditionally. As much as I fully support this sentiment, I also understand that everybody has different concept of loving their body and as a beauty provider, if I can help boost their self-image and make them feel good, confident, and positive overall – then I think it’s a job well done. Forcing people to accept body positivity is no different from shaming.

At Peachy Skin Bar, we help to remove unwanted hair through SHR technology. SHR is a more advanced permanent hair removal method compared to IPL. It is more comfortable (especially for sensitive area like Brazilian) and causes minimal skin trauma. Our SHR treatment includes cleansing, SHR hair termination, and soothing aftercare. After your SHR session, you can opt for our Fuzz+ Therapy as a post treatment therapy or as a standalone service. We will do IPL whitening on your desired area ( which helps to reduce dark scars or dark skin areas) and apply brightening/hydrating mask on the treated area. As a skin bar, we want to take care all parts of your skin,” shares founder of Peachy Skin Bar, Crystal Lee.

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