I made my bespoke perfume with Maison 21G and I am loving it!

Smelling good has always been my thing. The fact that I am a freelancer and work from home all the time has made this habit (read weird obsession) even more prominent. I feel the need to have good scents in the house all the time. The type of candle that I light and the perfume that I apply determine my mood and decide how my day will look like. Sometimes, it is vice versa, I decide the scents based on my mood.

When it comes to perfumes, I don’t take a lot of risks. I have a few favourites and try and stick to them. Unless I see an opportunity to create something personal and bespoke.


I recently discovered Maison 21G, a Parisian Haute Couture perfume house. When I received the roll-on samples of their ambery Amber Affair and rustic Oud Outshine, I instantly fell in love with the scents.

So, when I learnt that Maison 21G gives consumers the chance to tailor-make their own signature scent, I had to try it. Leveraging latest technologies like machine learning and AI, they help you create your personal scent based on your personality, needs and taste.

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I chose my scent based on my personality

With more than 30 pairable essences to choose from, there are more than 800 possibilities to create your own unique scent.

The steps are simple. Log on to their website and choose the determining factor for your bespoke essence- do you want it to be based on your personality, perfume or choice of ingredients. 

I chose personality and took a quick quiz. It was interesting to see how the quiz unfolded.  I learnt a few things about myself during the process of finding my essence and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

My bespoke Maison 21G perfume


I was expecting the order to arrive a bit late given the ongoing circuit breaker but to my surprise, it was delivered within two days.  

I loved the jet black packaging and the luxury box, in which the perfume arrived.

My perfume has a very soothing scent and it lasts all day– I absolutely love it! I couldn’t have asked for more. It does not smell like a mall cologne and is also different from designer scents.

Since it is based on my personality, it feels very personal. With its natural ingredients that are not harsh or “in-your-face”, the scent just blends into my personality becoming a part of my overall presence.


Maison 21G offers this amazing experience of exploring and discovering your scent at just $80 with free delivery. I definitely recommend everyone who loves perfumes giving it a try. 

Even if you are not a weirdo like me (obsessed with scents), this whole journey of exploring within, finding your scent and finally receiving it in a beautiful bottle (that you can customize with your initials for free)– is a must-try!

Go, create your scent now!





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