A beginner’s guide to insta-worthy home decor under $1000
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A beginner’s guide to insta-worthy home decor under $1000

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Today, social media has become an integral part of our daily routine. Documenting our lives with beautiful pictures and perfect filters is an ongoing trend. From weekend plans to holidays and food to fashion – every aspect of our life is directly or indirectly “influenced” by social media.

One of the most talked-about topics on Instagram is home decor.

Currently, there are more than 53.1 million posts that can be found using the #homedecor hashtag on Instagram. Even decluttering Guru, Marie Kondo, follows this hashtag, along with millions of other followers.


Before we delve into exploring instagrammable home decor, it is important to understand what makes a good “Insta-worthy” shot.

An ideal picture is one that captures your essence and highlights your personality. A good shot heralds a picture-perfect moment while depicting your home decor in the best light (pun intended)!

Sometimes, when we look at some of these pictures on Instagram, we assume that renovating our homes to match up to the standards of social media is beyond our budget.

However, that is not always the case.

Here is a beginner’s guide to Insta-worthy home decor under a thousand bucks!

Telling your story


Before you begin curating your home decor, you need to determine your personal brand.

What is your story? Are you a wine person or a book person? Do you love animals or are you a spiritual yogi? What are your colours? Are you on the usual pastels and monochrome trend train or do you love a splash of vibrant colours? What do you want your home to say about you?

These are the questions that you need to answer before you embark on the journey to renovate or decorate your house.

Answering these questions will help you pick the right kind of items to decorate your home.

Your pictures will not only be beautiful, but they will also be a reflection of your personality. Your home will be an extension of who you are.

Shelving and storing it right


Using the right kind of shelves and storage units can add to the aesthetic value of your home.

People who live in spacious landed properties can go for stylish and vibrant storage units instead of the traditional wardrobes similar to this IKEA Nikkeby chest of 4 drawers worth $110 as shown here.

This chest is not only spacious and ideal for storing everyday clothes or books and journals, but it also adds a dash of colour in your home creating a perfect insta-corner.

Whether this chest is in the background of your selfie or a standalone #homedecor picture, it will stand out. The vibrant red will also give your interiors a fresh vibe other than the usual pastels and whites.

People who live in HDBs and condos with confined space can opt for open shelves.

Open shelving is a simple and easy way to give your room an eclectic and chic feel. With the right kind of styling and curation, an open shelf can make for a perfect picture.

Arranging open shelves can become a design project in itself as you judge the right distance and pattern to create visual interest. You can choose from IKEA’s selection of open shelves starting from $100-$120.

Fur rugs are a must-have


Rugs are among the top trending home decor items today.

Rugs can add personality and excitement to a room. They create a visual synergy between all the items kept in a certain space; rugs can anchor a room, and add warmth to the look and feel.

To get a perfect rug for your room, you need to pick the right colour, shape and size.

If your theme is around whites and pastels, you can go for a light-coloured fur rug. If you are looking to add a layer to a corner where your lounge chair rests, you can go for a grey or charcoal coloured round fur rug.

Fur rugs can add a plush and luxurious overall look to your home and they do not necessarily have to be expensive. You can purchase affordable fur rugs from online stores such as Lazada and Carousell for prices as low as $20.

Collage wall


Another amazingly easy, quick and affordable way to decorate your home and make it insta-ready is to have a collage wall.

Empty walls may look too bland and basic. To spruce them up, you can get a collection of family photographs or quotations framed in different sizes and put them together on one wall in your room.

To prepare up to 8-10 photo frames for your room, the printing and framing will not cost you more than $100 if you go to a local shop.

To save more money, you can choose to purchase frames from stores such as Daiso or IKEA, and manually print out the photographs as per the size of the frames by yourself.

Indoor plants: For fresh air and pretty pictures


Home decor with plants is also something that is becoming increasingly trendy. Not only do plants add a beautiful contemporary urban garden look to your homes, but they also keep the air inside fresh and healthy.

Starting from $20-$30 and ranging up to $200, indoor plants add class to your home and are a quick way to reach your instagrammable home decor goals.

You can purchase indoor plants from local florists and plant sellers or you can order them online from stores like Ezbuy or Lazada.

From long hanging plants to minimalistic cactuses in eclectic white pots and DIY pots to single branches in glass pots- there are various ways to decorate plants inside your house.

These simple tricks and tips will help you decorate your homes and achieve your #instagoals without breaking the bank. Happy decorating!

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