Five apps that help you meditate and gain mindfulness for free

Mindfulness has emerged as a popular wellness trend across the globe from the past few years. More and more people are realizing its importance in their busy and stressful lives. Practising meditation along with self-care can help in recharging mind and provide physical health benefits as well.

Despite being aware of the positive impact these approaches have on the lifestyle, many people are unable to practice them, often due to the daily hustle-bustle. But, don’t worry whether you have 5 minutes or half an hour, there are dozens of apps to calm your frazzled nerves. 

Wondering where to start from? We have rounded up some of the best easy-to-use apps that are just a click away. Download them to enjoy their basic versions for free.

Headspace: A gym membership for the mind


It is a great choice if you want to learn how to incorporate meditation in your life. It features meditation and mindfulness techniques for daytime along with music tracks and nature soundscapes that can be used before going to bed. It personalizes plans based on some input from users and provides easy to follow sessions of 3, 5 or 10-minutes. 

Insight Timer: A social network for meditators

Right from the beginning, this app may feel like a community as you can easily track the number and location of people meditating at any point of time, and can even invite friends to join in with you. Depending on your preferences, it offers an extensive collection of guided meditations on topics like stress, relationships, self-compassion, and addictions. You can also tune in to free talks and music tracks to soothe your mind or promote sleep. The timer feature is an added benefit for short meditations when on the go. 

Stop, Breathe and Think: Check-in with yourself


It asks you to check-in before meditating and rate your mind and body on a scale of rough to great and note up to 5 emotions you are feeling. Based on this information, it recommends meditations, yoga, or joy sessions, most of which last up to 15 minutes. It is not only a valuable aid for kids to introduce the concept of meditation and mindfulness but also for adults, especially those who have been putting off learning for a long time. 

Sattva: Meditation with games

Apart from the standard components like guided-meditation, this app also enables users to check their heart rates. Like any other game app, you can unlock levels, compete with your friends, and receive trophies on taking up new challenges.

10% Happier: Meditation for fidgety sceptics


It appears to be a good fit for people who are new to meditation or have never understood the point of it. The content of this app is purely based on neuroscience with no spiritual elements. New content is added weekly to prevent it from becoming monotonous.

If one app does not work for you, don’t hesitate in switching to the next one. This is a trial-and-error process; keep trying till you find the best one and stick with it. Let us know if you like any of those mentioned above. Also, share your experience with other apps.


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