To Write, To Live, To Be.

I write when I am happy… I write when I am not

I write when I see a flood, I write when I see a draught…

I write to be, to be I write

Words, Phrases and Books are My Life


I write when you hurt me I write when you love

I write like a vulture or like a meek peaceful dove

I write to express, I write to de-stress

I write because I can, I write to progress


I write to vent it out, I scream through my words

I yell , I fight, I like cry a bird

who has been ensnared in the net of the society…

of hippocrates, losers and promoters of patriarchy


One thing I must say, I am grateful to be born

In democratic India where we can mourn,

criticise, be happy or sad about issues

can have opinions with smiles or tissues


Thank God in India, we at least can write

Because I write to be, to be, I write



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