I wish I was like Dumbledore

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I wish I was like Dumbledore (though there are many ways, in which I would want to be like him but) Today, here, I talk about the beautiful privilege of storing thoughts I wish I was like Dumbledore (though I wouldn't mind all other wonderful traits and magical powers but) Today, here, I talk about the... Continue Reading →

A Doctor Who Treats Patients For Free- Not Only On One Special ‘Camp Day’ but Everyday.

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I write this not because the doctor we are talking about is my FATHER (though, I won't deny that this fact makes me prouder). However, I write this because what this man is doing or rather has been doing for the past 25 years is indeed commendable. An era where every profession is commerce oriented,... Continue Reading →

It Comes Naturally.

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Do I Know What I am going to write before I complete? No, I don't. Actually, I don't know it even when  I start I just sit. It comes. it flows through me. As a kid, it was always a paper and a pen. As I grew, it was the typewriter. Today, it is the... Continue Reading →


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Love...a fragment. Love...a whole life in itself. Love...not once. Love...every time. Love...Intense. Love..Passionate. Love...Temporary? Love...A Phase! Love...Forever? Love...An Art. Love... A state of Mind. Love...An Emotion. Love...A Play of Hormones. Love...Desire Love...Fire Love...Happiness Love...Sorrow Love...Pain Love...Cure Love...Freedom Love...Boundation Love...Love....Love...Life    

Being Bad and Accepting It.

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It is easy to play a facade, easier to talk about the good things one does; but being bad and accepting it is not everyone's cup of tea. All of us do bad things. All of us have a darker side. All of us, at some point, lie, deceive, fake and trespass one or another... Continue Reading →


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You will meet people who will undermine you or the way you look, they way you dress and even the way you talk You will encounter bullies of different kinds in different walks of life In school, in college, in office, at home They will try to bring you down They will try to shake... Continue Reading →


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From several months old to nearing-death old, when it come to rapes in India, age is no bar. In India, a girl SHOULD get married by 25, MUST have the first kid before 28 and second before 30 and CANNOT work after having babies (even better if she retires after marriage - so practically just after... Continue Reading →

To Write, To Live, To Be.

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I write when I am happy... I write when I am not I write when I see a flood, I write when I see a draught... I write to be, to be I write Words, Phrases and Books are My Life   I write when you hurt me I write when you love I write... Continue Reading →

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