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Get yourself a little yummy in the tummy with $0.01 treats on ShopeePay Day!

Can’t get enough of snacking? Indulge yourself with delicious treats from Shopee with $0.01 vouchers and under $2 food deals during ShopeePay Day!


Look no further for the best food deals to make your tummy and wallet happy! Only on 7 September, ShopeePay Day* brings $0.01 Scan & Pay vouchers perfect for all-time foodie favourites. For only $0.01,   treat yourself with $2 discounts off crowd-favourite brands such as Milksha, Canadian Pizza, BreadTalk, Springleaf Prata Place and more. From $0.99 Hong Kong Egglet Butter Waffles, $1.50 Chendol at Food Junction to $1.99 Peach Oolong Brewed Tea at R&B**, we certainly have a deal for every palate!

And for those looking to upsize their rewards, simply top-up or transfer a minimum of $9 to win coins and vouchers up to $3,000 during 9.9 Super ShopeePay Rewards!


Psst! If you’re new to ShopeePay, enjoy 20% cashback (capped at $10) on your first check out with ShopeePay to get yourself an even greater deal! Existing users can also look forward to snatching up 18% upsized ShopeePay cashback flash vouchers only on midnight of 7 September.

*Link is only viewable on the Shopee mobile application.**Featured deals are only viewable on the Shopee mobile application.

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