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Decathlon has some amazing sportgear to inspire the Olympian in you

With the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 coming to an end very soon, we hope you have been tuning in and supporting your favourite teams on this global sporting stage.

Looking back, this has been a pivotal time for some sports that have made their debut to be recognized as an official Olympic sport this year – from Shortboard Surfing to Sports Climbing, these athletes have not only captivated us with their outstanding performances but also made waves for their respective communities back home.

If you have been inspired and would like to give some of these sports a try, look no further as Decathlon has you covered with all the things you need to kickstart your three new sporting adventures.

#1: Sports Climbing

L-R: Climbing Chalk Bag Vertika Size M – Indigo Blue ($9), Climbing Shoes – Rock ($50)

Palms sweaty just watching the athletes climb to qualify for the Bouldering and Speed Final last night? Guess you can chalk it up to see just how exciting the sport is! Chalk is a climber’s best friend and Decathlon has designed its very own chalk bag for climbers of all levels. Lightweight and compact, they are made to be easy to carry around without weighing you down.

The Simond climbing shoes are designed for beginners and are easily adjustable for maximum comfortability while climbing. These shoes are essential for safe climbing, with soles made specifically to help you grip onto those tiny little holds.

#2: Skateboarding

L-R: Skateboard Oxelo Team 100 Gradient Parrot Multicolor ($80),  Fit500 Adult 3-Piece Inline Skate ($25)

Decathalon’s Oxelo Team 100 skateboard is a great choice for any beginner skater, this versatile board works well whether you are learning to cruise down the street or master tricks. With a tough 100% Canadian maple deck, the board is sturdy, lightweight and easy to handle. However, before you hit the skatepark it is always better to be safe than sorry and also pick up the Fit500 3 piece adult guards to help prevent serious injury. With sizes ranging from S to XL and adjustable straps, these will become a much-needed essential throughout your skateboarding journey.

#3: Baseball

L-R: Kipsta 11.5-12.5’ BA150 Glove ($35), Baseball Alu Bat BA150 29/32 Inch ($39)

America’s favourite pastime may have returned to the Olympics this year and despite the sport’s worldwide following, it may not be as popular a sport here on our little sunny island. That’s not to say we should shy away from this amazing sport – hearsay, you never forget completing your first home run!

The Kipsta Glove is for beginner users and is suitable for every position on the field. It’s made of soft synthetic leather and includes extra padding that allows first-time players to play with ease and confidence while being comfortable at the same time. The aluminium baseball bat is lightweight and well balanced with a large sweet spot that makes for an easier hit when attempting the iconic homerun.

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