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VIVANT unveils private events for corporate team building

Innovative shared experiences help managers build remote work teams and culture.

VIVANT has launched Private Events to bring together remote employees in virtual Wine Experiences. According to the Economist, with more than 60% of people working from home, the demand for team- building activities has never been greater. Private Events allow companies to boost camaraderie, spark creativity, and create authentic connections, even at a distance.

“Building a remote work culture is challenging. It requires managers to be much more proactive,” notes Michael Baum, CEO & Founder of VIVANT. “Our Private Events take team members to wine regions around the world, where they experience different cultures and meet the most inspiring people. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and energize your team.”

If you can’t gather at the office, why not travel through the top wine regions of France instead? Our Private Events take employees on immersive journeys through Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace, Loire, Champagne and other wine- growing areas where they meet producers making pesticide-free and herbicide-free wines that are better tasting, better for our health and better for the environment.

Private Event participants can taste along by pre-ordering Tasting Kits containing each of the featured wines. VIVANT’s expert Wine Advisors host each virtual wine tasting and are available to answer questions and share personalized recommendations in real-time. Built-in features, including the Interactive Tasting Method (ITM), newly released video wall, chat room, and a leaderboard, encourage active learning and lively participation among team members.

“VIVANT’s Private Events provide a great experience for our members to have a deep insight of the world of wine! Super interesting to discover the variety of taste sensations and the pairings, not only the classical ones!”, Sofia Ferrario, Community Lead at WeWork.

Private Events are now available on VIVANT. To book your own, Get Started at vivant.eco/private-events.

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