Leadership coach and author Yeo Chuen Chuen talks about the role of leadership agility at workplace amidst COVID-19

Yeo Chuen Chuen, an executive coach, founder of ACEsence and ‘Woman Super Achiever’ award winner, recently launched her book 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility. Yeo continues to coach professionals throughout COVID-19 and emphasizes how individuals can shift their mindsets to cope throughout this disruptive period in which no one is spared.

“The pandemic is lasting longer than expected and we need to carry on with our lives with as much normalcy as possible. Whether we are talking about a private or public organisation, we need to be quick in decision-making, as well as communicate our decisions clearly and sincerely to our community or stakeholders,” says Yeo.

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With stress levels at a high due to limitations from COVID-19 measures, Yeo emphasizes the need to co-exist with stress – she explains how to convert “bad stress” into “good stress” and be agile in the process; and teaches professionals to shorten the time taken getting comfortable with stressful situations so as to act swiftly.

Yeo wishes to increase accessibility to the valuable knowledge and experience she has accumulated working with Fortune 500 clients.

In 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility, Yeo draws from her pragmatic international experiences in coaching senior executives from over 30 countries to discuss the power of “changing your mindset”, illustrating the concept with the success stories of transformation and newfound confidence in global leaders in today’s workplace.

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Yeo’s book illustrates how her 4-step coaching model has been able to help her clients shift their mindsets and make decisions while considering contexts and constraints, especially with COVID-19 measures in place. It has transformed their ability to analyse challenges swiftly, act fast and communicate right.

Her three-pronged approach of “switching your mindset”, “achieving break-throughs”, and “making decisive action” is streamlined to help professionals lead and inspire with authenticity and ease.

The agility mindset allows business leaders to examine and “reconstruct their maps” differently, be aware of unconscious bias and be assertive in making bold changes necessary for today’s workplace – putting the right policies and incentives in place which could bring about parity, equality and diversity much earlier.


“The virus crisis is a test on our systems and processes – we need to display our ability to respond quickly and appropriately as one coordinated system. This is also a test on our leadership – to influence and connect with the masses using the right avenues and messages in a time of fear and uncertainty. All of these boil down to how fast we can switch our mindsets and take action,” says Yeo.

Learn about her latest book and more here.

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