Having a strong immune system can help to reduce the overall risks of viral and bacterial infections. Simple steps such as eating healthier, practising good hygiene and getting adequate sleep can help build your defence against viruses.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, brands are coming forward to help people fight this battle. One such brand is Philips. They have come up with a list of ways to stay healthy and boost immunity with Philips products.

Eat more fruits and vegetables with Philips High-Speed Vacuum Blender

Consuming a wholesome diet ensures that our immune system operates at an optimum level and helps us guard against viruses. The Philips High-Speed Vacuum Blender (S$599) allows you to enjoy and consume more fruits and vegetables in a single serving while preserving 3x the amount of vitamin C and 60% more antioxidants as compared to traditional blenders.


Get adequate rest and sleep

A report by Sleep Foundation suggests that sleep helps the body redistribute energy resources that are primarily used for brain and muscle work to the immune system. Another study suggests that locking in at least seven hours of good night’s sleep on a regular schedule can reduce stress levels and improve your overall well-being.

Practice good oral hygiene with Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Did you know that how well you take care of your oral health can be an indication of how healthy you are? The first line of defence is to keep germs at bay by following good oral hygiene daily. The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean electric toothbrush (S$319) removes up to 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush and improves gum health in just two weeks.


Stay hydrated

Water acts as a fuel that keeps our bodies going. Staying hydrated helps your body naturally eliminate toxins and other bacteria that may cause illnesses.

Prepare more nutritious home-cooked meals

A good diet can play a part in promoting overall health. Instead of eating out, prepare healthy homemade meals for the family with Philips Kitchen Appliances which are designed to make preparing nourishing and tasty meals at home easier.

The Philips Premium Airfryer XXL (S$549) with its Fat removal technology, separates and captures excess fats so you can look after your heart health and still enjoy great-tasting fried food.


You can also enjoy high-quality meals even on busiest days with the Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker(S$369). Nine pressure cooking modes help you create mouthwatering meals in minutes. Different ingredients are cooked just right under accurate control of pressure and temperature thanks to the dual control system with a 50% reduction of heating fluctuation.

Keep your home clean and healthy 

Boost your immunity by taking steps to keep your indoor environment clean. Improve the air circulation at home with the Philips Air Cleaner (S$499) which is engineered with three smart pre-settings – Pollution, Allergen, Bacteria and Virus modes, to ensure you and your family can breathe cleaner air at home. Surfaces in the home should also be cleaned regularly. The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua (S$799) with its powerful 360° suction nozzle captures dust and dirt removing up to 99% of bacteria and allergens in one go for spotless interiors.


Philips is offering free island-wide delivery for the above-listed products till 30 April 2020.

For more information on the special promotions and bundled deals, please visit www.philips.com.sg/c-e/shop/sg-philipsph.


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