How To Plan A Game of Thrones Themed Party

Call us nerds but me and my husband are head over heels fans of the Game of Thrones series (Well, who isn’t?). I wanted to do something special for his birthday this year and I thought to plan a GOT themed surprise birthday party. And so began a month-long  saga of preparations. In this blog, I will tell you how I planned a GOT themed party in Singapore without spending big bucks.

Since, I started planning way beforehand, I had enough time to organize the event. One of the best ways to cut down on the budget is to follow the given steps:

  • Decide a color theme for the party. Keeping black and red with a mix of yellow can be a good idea to get the vibe right. Though, you can add a few more colors if you are not decorating for Halloween but birthday party! 
  • Decide on what items you need for the decor keeping the theme and color pallet in mind.
  • Check out their prices on Amazon and other local websites (do not forget to take the shipping charges and delivery date into account).
  • Visit toy stores, gift supply outlets and compare the retail prices with online rates to decide what’s better.
  • Now, shop from where you get the best value.

Before we begin, here’s a peep into what my party decor looked like :


GOT Decorations

Here’s a breakdown of how I put all this together. I saved a lot of money by applying DIY methods but first lets check out the things that I bought. I swear by the name of Amazon when it comes to buying merchandise – they have many options, reasonable prices and they never disappoint quality-wise. See for yourself:

You can see how this Kurt Adler banner gives an authentic GOT look to the whole decor.


unnamed (2)

The Daenerys Targaryen action figure turned out to be a surprise! It was big and beautiful. The dragon looked amazing. We totally loved it!


Now, any Game of Thrones party cannot afford to miss out on the dragon eggs. If you check out websites and stores, you will easily find GOT Dragon eggs but they are quite expensive. How about I share with you a DIY method that I myself learnt from the internet!


Here’s what you need:

  1. Styrofoam Eggs/Egg-shaped candles
  2. Thumbtacks
  3. Acrylic Paint – Red, Green and Golden
  4. Paint Brush
  5. An Egg Basket
  6. Confetti 

I bought the first three items online (Aamzon) and got the egg basket from Daiso for S$ 2. I did not buy the confetti, simply borrowed some from the fruit vendor near my house!


Just google “how to make dragon eggs” and a million DIY videos will pop up. Follow the simple rules and Dracarys!

41039188_243144799680703_7985503646865424384_nTo add to the detailing, you can use some Halloween artifacts like an owl, a skull, a dragon feather etc. Now, let us talk about  the Westeros Raven DIY Design. I used a golden sheet as my wall was black and it would’ve been difficult to spot the raven against it. I used black foam to draw and cut out the raven. To add a three dimensional feel to it, I clipped two wings together. I used a regular tiara, covered it with black lace and some black roses that I got from the crafts shop. Ta Da! The creepy raven is all set!


Last but definitely not the least, the banners. Now, banners are also easily available online but buying 4-5 banners can cost more than 200 dollars. I opted for a DIY method where I took colored print outs of my favorite GOT banners and decorated them on golden decor sheets. They added authenticity to the decor and went really well against the contarst of my home’s black walls.

Food & Drinks

Now this is yet another significant aspect. Grill some drumsticks, roast some meat, spread out some black grapes & strawberries and you cannot afford to miss out on the red wine. All this spread out in a fine cutlery add to the whole grandeur of the GOT setting. 


The Cake

If you have a gathering of up to 15-20 pax, the most ideal thing to do would be ordering a customized GOT cake. However, if yours is a closed event, ordering a customized cake won’t be ideal as they do not come in less that 2-2.5 pounds usually. But, don’t worry. I have a solution for you. Go for cake toppings. They are easy to dress, cheap and thankfully available at Amazon.


Costume : The Extra Mile

If you want to add the extra glam of costume, for the Dragon Queen fans, a number of costume and wig options are available online. However, these may add up to the cost. What you can do is either go for a blue gown from your wardrobe or a black dress for the Cersei look.

Tip: Fairy lights and lots of candles never harm a party decor.


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