How Being A Potterhead Made My Childhood Better

Dear J.K Rowling, I owe you my sanity.

I was 9 when I held the first Harry Potter book in my hands. It was the very first edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. I don’t quite remember who bought me my first HP book – I think it was my Grandfather. I remember being completely smitten with the story of the chosen one. Everything was different in Harry’s world (duh! what with me being a muggle and all) but still so relatable. No, I had not gone through the avada kedavra levels of tragedies like Harry but I was lonely. My brother had left town to pursue higher studies and I found myself reading alone more often than not.

I did not realize when I became so attached to the Harry Potter world. Book after book, move after movie and game after game – I became a complete Potterhead by the time I was in my teens. I guess apart from the fact that the books were insanely gripping, what made us 90s kids so addicted to Harry’s world was that he was exactly our age. I grew up with Harry – my birthdays being in January and his in July. I owe Miss Rowling my childhood.


Her books kept me busy, inspired and happy. In those days, I was too naive to take deeper lessons from her life but I did learn about the strength of pure love and friendship from the world that she gifted me with. I learnt about possibilities beyond imagination and most importantly, I learnt that you don’t have to always fit in. That the Nevilles, Rons, Lunas and Hermoines also had a chance at being heroes but not only the Victors and Cedrics. Today, I am aware and able to understand the hardships that Miss Rowling went through in her life. Her story is an inspiration to women across the world. As a bonus, Emma Watson teaches me to be a vocal feminist and speak up against biases. From childhood to adolescence and fiction to facts – being a Pottermore has paid off in ways more than I had imagined when I held the first copy.


I also owe my inclination towards books and thus writing to the #HarryPotterBooks because it is due to this series that I fell in love with Literature and am still smitten. As a kid, I used to write down character sketches, favorite moments, plot twists etc after reading each book. That helped me become a writer. So, thank you Joanne Rowling. I owe you so much. I am 28 and I still have my scarpbooks and notes from the best decade of my life. See for yourself:

The Harry Potter world taught me to Alohomora the doors of troubles, Accio all joys and Winagardium Leviosa the spirit for life!

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