WIIFF 2018 Day 2 – An Exuberant Celebration of Art and Talent

As expected WIIFF 2018 did not disappoint attendees on the second day either. Day 2 of this unique international short film festival was packed with spellbinding movies from different parts of the world. People were treated to amazing content from Brazil, Singapore, UK, India, Germany, Iran, and Turkey.


The showstopper of the day was a movie called “The Dirty Word” directed by Pankul Gupta. This 23-minute short film is about a struggling independent filmmaker who dreams of going to the Cannes Film Festival. During the course of editing his film, he realizes that the much-abused Indian slang ‘bhencho’ is lacking emotion. He decides to dub that one word due to lack of money. The audiences connected with this narrative and appreciated it the most.

“The Dirty Word” Team – Pavleen Gujral (Actor), Vijayakant Kohli (Actor), Pankul Gupta (Director) and Deepak Arora (Actor) | (From Left)

The day got even better in the second half when audiences were treated to an open interactive panel on “Art of Independence” – Talking About Independent Art and Media. YouTuber and actor Rajesh Yadav, Artist Ravina Singh, and voice artist and comedian Saurabh Singhal along with WIIFF Director Ravie Solanky discussed the scope and challenges of independent art in the Indian industry.


Audiences were enthralled after a day full of awesome screenings and an enriching talk. They expressed their happiness through applauds and those who were extremely overwhelmed left testimonials and best wishes for Team WIIFF.


Yet again, WIIFF 2018 was under the limelight of premier media organizations, including Doordarshan – India’s national broadcasting channel.

Doordarshan Anchor Vinay Rawat reporting from WIIFF 2018

If you have been on this ride with us over the past two days, you would not want to miss the grand finale. Expect a series of awesome Indian short films, talent shows and a lot more today.

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