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Throwback To When I Got Relationship Advice From Priyanka Chopra

I was going through some old videos  in my phone when I came across this one. Its hilarious and one of the most memorable shoots from the #goodolddays. I decided to share it with you people. 

Relationships can be hard. Break ups and moving on are harder. So, here’s what Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor & Kunal Kohli have to say about moving on. My take was just way too hilarious! (I don’t know why I said that in the video.) Watch and Enjoy-


  1. This is absolutely hilarious – I love it! God everyone’s fashion has dated a bit haha. Except maybe Priyanka Chopra, she looks great. I think your advice is spot on! Why not move on after a second -especially if the guy was a nightmare! I know a few relationships that have overlapped! Oops. Might not be quite so happy about it the other way around though! haha

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