I just came to realize that my marriage is just 13 days away! I also came to realize that I am totally clueless. Clueless about the entire concept of marriage, clueless about these weird mood swings, clueless about how I am going to stop myself from freaking out, clueless about will anyone in this world understand the moments of doubt that I undergo everyday? and the biggest question:

You were born. You lived a quarter of your life in understanding your family and its ways. Suddenly you find yourself being shift deleted from your setup and now, you have to start from scratch!

Phew! God bless Me 😉

By Surabhi Pandey

Surabhi Pandey, a former Delhi Doordarshan presenter, is a journalist currently based in Singapore. She is the author of ‘Nascent Wings’ and ‘Saturated Agitation’ and has contributed to over 15 anthologies in English and Hindi in India and Singapore. She writes on topics related to lifestyle and travel and is an active reporter on the tech startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. She is the editor and founder of The Vent Machine.

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