The Legacy of Tiredness

What do we actually pass on?

What is all this chaos about?

The race, the anxiousness, the worry, the concern…

Had read when I was a child

That time is like a wheel…

Indeed it is.

We are born to grow up

Grow up enough to join a school

(These days first the Play school and then the formal academic ones)

Then we pass out to join a college

Then we acquire degrees to enter the Daddy of all Rat Races

the Monotonous and Viscous Race of Jobs

Working our bottoms off from Mondays to Fridays in pursuit of the weekend

(Life becomes worse when you have 6 days working)

And then, on a larger front

Working our bottoms off from Thirty Firsts to Firsts in pursuit of the salary

(Life becomes worse when your salary day is on 7th – worst when the company is lazy about it)

So, coming back to the point.

What do we pass on?

Why do we reproduce?

For this “ideal” race!?

And wait, it does not end here.

Somewhere in your 20s comes the biggest blow of all

In disguise of a ceremony called MARRIAGE

You leave your home, your job, your community, family

Basically your entire identity to start the race from scratch

(however, these things happen to only the Devis not the Devtas)

My Question – WHY?

Why is it compulsory to pass this on

Why SHOULD we live the same routine

Why should we pass on the legacy of tiredness

Tiredness from monotony, from living up to others’ expectations

Tiredness from LIFE!!



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