Days are blurred

A Chaos…

they just pass

In work, In joy, In Sadness

They seem to be running

I feel I am behind time

Unable to catch a break

Everything is a haze

A lot is going on

they say it is good –

To be busy, to remain occupied

To be involved in what is called a CAREER

i write, I teach

I read NEWS, I interview

I train, I review

I work, work, work.

Oh! Time slips by

It is all a fog

A chaos- A blur

I feel lost


No time to think, no time to love

No time at all to be ME

No time to ponder, No time to wonder

Everything is at pace

fast, A haze, A confusion

When do I cry out loud, for the sorrows?

When do I laugh and prance for all the joys?

When do I simply lay down with my eyes closed?

When do I cherish what I have ?

When do I complain for what I don’t?

When do I anticipate? When do I procrastinate?

When do I do the good?

When do I conspire the bad?

This moment it is 7 and I am running to work,

the next it is 6 – and I am running from work

It is a viscous cycle

Hazy, Chaotic, Blinding

7 to 6; Monday to Sunday, 1st to 31st

A vision too feeble, a sight too vague

Anyways, I live.

Or, Do I?



About Surabhi Pandey 292 Articles
A former TV Presenter at Doordarshan Delhi​, Surabhi is the author of 'Nascent Wings' and 'Saturated Agitation'. She is a freelance journalist focused on Lifestyle and Social commentaries. She has been writing in this space for six years. Her work has appeared in numerous media outlets, including the Times of India, YP SG, Lifestyle Collective, Youth Ki Awaaz and Re:ad Poetry among others. She also writes Tech articles that have appeared on Tech Collective, Kr Asia, SBO.SG, SYNC PR, Entrepreneur and e27. She is the founder of The Vent Machine.


  1. Don’t let the rainbows in the eyes fade.. life goes on! Let the career be a co passenger in the journey.. don’t let the dreams blur.. and we write alike in different time zones.. read “wo koi aur tha” wrote it some time back.. 🙂

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