Days are blurred

A Chaos…

they just pass

In work, In joy, In Sadness

They seem to be running

I feel I am behind time

Unable to catch a break

Everything is a haze

A lot is going on

they say it is good –

To be busy, to remain occupied

To be involved in what is called a CAREER

i write, I teach

I read NEWS, I interview

I train, I review

I work, work, work.

Oh! Time slips by

It is all a fog

A chaos- A blur

I feel lost


No time to think, no time to love

No time at all to be ME

No time to ponder, No time to wonder

Everything is at pace

fast, A haze, A confusion

When do I cry out loud, for the sorrows?

When do I laugh and prance for all the joys?

When do I simply lay down with my eyes closed?

When do I cherish what I have ?

When do I complain for what I don’t?

When do I anticipate? When do I procrastinate?

When do I do the good?

When do I conspire the bad?

This moment it is 7 and I am running to work,

the next it is 6 – and I am running from work

It is a viscous cycle

Hazy, Chaotic, Blinding

7 to 6; Monday to Sunday, 1st to 31st

A vision too feeble, a sight too vague

Anyways, I live.

Or, Do I?




  1. Don’t let the rainbows in the eyes fade.. life goes on! Let the career be a co passenger in the journey.. don’t let the dreams blur.. and we write alike in different time zones.. read “wo koi aur tha” wrote it some time back.. 🙂

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