Not that Mr. Bachchan needs to establish anything about his extraordinary acting skills but through PINK he has definitely done it for the trillionth time . He re-establishes the fact ki “Rishtey me wo sab k Baap k lagte hain“, when it comes to bringing a character to life on the silver screen. His flawless portrayal of Deepak Sehgal, the sincerity with which he says NO (My Client said NO) and the unsaid scenes of gasps and penetrating expressions blew my mind. I was not watching an action or a fantasy movie but I found myself on the edge of the seat in the theater.

Each actor’s performance in the movie is impeccable and so is the direction. The best thing about the movie is the fact that the girls in question were not actually ‘raped’. They went through something equally tragic – molestation. Unfortunately, our society fails to recognize the gravity of molestation. Furthermore, the concept of consent is quite alien in this country. In addition, we girls are easily labeled as whores, bitches and sluts on the basis of our lifestyle choices! (Hence, Deepak Sehgal aka Mr Bachchan’s sarcastic safety manual for women!)

Pink is definitely the new white. It is peace. It is solace. It makes me feel safe that I live in a country where people believe in such concepts, and even go ahead and make a movie out of it. As a journalist, a writer, a reader, a viewer, a girl and a human being – I am of the opinion that PINK should be shown in schools, colleges, public gathering and everywhere. PINK is a moral education class, which we all need to take. PINK is a revolution, it can become a new beginning. Hats off to Mr. Bachchan and all other actors who did more than justice to the beautifully woven script. Kudos to Shoojit Sircar! Kudos to team PINK.

Above all, Thank you for this movie. I will watch it again and again and again and again – in theater!


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