I write this not because the doctor we are talking about is my FATHER (though, I won’t deny that this fact makes me prouder). However, I write this because what this man is doing or rather has been doing for the past 25 years is indeed commendable. An era where every profession is commerce oriented, where doctors’ bills are as big as Disney Land itinerary for an Indian family; Dr. Sandip Pandey offers medical services for free. Yes, like all other great medical practitioners his healthcare centres conduct Free Health Check-up Camps but what separates Dr. Pandey from his peers is that his hospital has a free consultation period everyday of a year.

Any patient can visit Sanjivani Healthcare between 9 am to 11 am and consult doctors here for free. Moreover, the fee charged between 11 am to 9 pm is as nominal as Rs 50; and after 9 pm the fee is just Rs 1oo. Being associated (quite closely) with men like Dr. Pandey is a blessing for me. When we see people like him serving the society so selflessly and not for a day or a year but for almost their entire career, it gives us a glimmer of hope. Hope that goodness is still there, hope that there are people in this society who actually care. In an age where news of heinous crime, including female infanticide, rape, murder and what not make us question the direction in which are we moving; news like this save the day.

I thank you Dr. Pandey for being what you are. I also thank you for being my Daddy. I am blessed to be your daughter. I am proud to be D/O Dr. Sandip Pandey.


By Surabhi Pandey

Surabhi Pandey, a former Delhi Doordarshan presenter, is a journalist currently based in Singapore. She is the author of ‘Nascent Wings’ and ‘Saturated Agitation’ and has contributed to over 15 anthologies in English and Hindi in India and Singapore. She writes on topics related to lifestyle and travel and is an active reporter on the tech startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. She is the editor and founder of The Vent Machine.

2 thoughts on “A Doctor Who Treats Patients For Free- Not Only On One Special ‘Camp Day’ but Everyday.”
  1. Nice.
    Read ur entire story felt ur love, regard nd passion for ur daddy nd his profession.
    Great bonding between u two. I also agree with u .He always cares nd helps his patients without caring about his monetary gains.
    I also respect him for his sincere efforts for his patients.
    Love u both nd respect ur daddy a lot.

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