What do Butterflies Know?

Well, I browse through the Facebook pages of my connections to read various relationship status feeds. Some say SINGLE (even when i know they’re dating), some COMMITTED (even when I know they broke up ages ago) and some are sympathy beggars or candidly honest breed of lovers who post ‘It’s Complicated’. Well, forget FB relationship status. Whatever our real relationship status be, we are still humans, right? How does the mechanism of falling in love work then?

I mean, I am one hundred percent in favour of faithfulness in a relationship. Commitments are beautiful and meant to be kept. However, what do butterflies know? If they came dancing on your stomach when you first received a message from HIM (The One), if they came prancing, throwing the brain out of your head when HE held your hands for the first time; who guarantees that they won’t appear the next time? By next I mean, the next time you find someone hot, the next time you are attracted to someone. Again, it’s wrong. It is totally wrong…

But hey!

 What do butterflies know?

They appear to make you blush, they appear to make you speechless and worse they appear to make you make an involuntary move (towards the other man). You do not propose, do not necessarily indulge in a fling but even if you think/fantasise another man, what is it? Are you being unfaithful or just human? I mean even after falling in love with HIM, whom you adore more than anyone you have ever met or will ever meet; when this happens, are you a cheater?

Well, I blame the butterflies! Ha ha… Appreciate beauty and spread love because what do butterflies know;)


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