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Two Years of True Friendship & Many More to Come… Happy Birthday Kamal!

Kamalkant Upadhyay (Now, don’t roll eyes coz I wrote your full name- it is what it is!). Happy Birthday Dost!

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has given me a lot of things to cherish in my life. Most important of them are the few friends that I earned. Few but forever. Kamal, you are one such gem. Though we were in the same class since July 2014, we got to know each other well only in the month of November (2014), during the Rishikesh Study Tour. I am glad we discovered each other and can’t be thankful enough to you for what you have been to me since then.

I suck at maintaining relationships (which all my close friends know). I screw up, often. I forget birthdays, I commit to meet and ditch, I make plans for night-outs and then don’t show up (yeah, I know- stop grinning Kamal), I am always late (by hours)…….I can go on and on… ha ha!

But my friends, especially you Kamal – you have accepted me the way  I am. There have been no complaints and no demands from your end. You have been a friend, an adviser, a guide and even a protective guardian. On your birthday, what can I give you? Apart from the promise for being your lousy careless friend for life, I take this opportunity to thank you for being my 2-am buddy.


Love you Kamli:) Happy Birthday Ladke:)


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