Reality of Roots

People who remember where they are from

People who never forget, to where they belong

People who are aware of the reality of ‘roots’

Have an unshakable foundation, they never lose



Whatever heights you attain in life

Always remember, to avoid strife

Remain solid on your basic principle

Those who forget, face consequences, fatal



They either deviate from their moral values

Or end up with hollow views

Such people tend to be hypocrites

Living in double standards and painful plights



Your roots remind you of the basic culture

An instinct to build an honest future

With lessons taught by mother and life

With success and joy forever you thrive



Remembering reality of ‘roots’ is right

Reasonable enough as it invites

True happiness and turns you into

A good human being, honest and true



Whatever you achieve, wherever you go

You must deep down always know

Who are you? Where are you from?

Who are you? Where are you from?

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