Guest Blogger – Arunima Gururani

It gives me utmost pleasure to welcome Arunima Gururani on board at She will be writing for #theventmachine as a Guest Blogger on a weekly basis. For more details stay tuned! #tvmtheblog #guestblogger Advertisements

हिंदी रचनायें

Happy Father’s Day🙏🏻☺️❤️

सर पे चार-चार पिता स्वरुप पेड़ों की छांव में ज़िन्दगी कड़ी से कड़ी धूप भी बिना झुलसे निकल जाती है | नाना जी, पापा (दादा जी), डैडी और पापा (ससुर जी) को फादर्स डे पर […]


Certificates for #getpublished June Edition

#theventmachine feels proud to have such awesome writers on board… Many Congratulations to all winners once again… As promised, presenting your certificates today… Keep writing and All the best! 💥SURPRISE💥 Check out the website tomorrow […]


Results Announced!

Many Congratulations Winners! Your certificates will be mailed by 8th June. Thanks to all who participated! Winners of hampers will be announced at 8 pm tonight. The Vent Machine is proud to have a pool […]


Enter Today – Get Featured and Win Exciting Hampers

  Guidelines To Enter- Age – No bar Genre – No bar Language – Hindi/English Minimum word count : Blogs – 400; Poems – 10 lines (No Nano tales Accepted) Entries must be entirely the […]