Mohit Chauhan: A Real Life Hero Who Embodies Inpiration​

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 Mohit Chauhan is a man with rock-solid unswerving mettle, one who has mastered his mind and hence his life. He is our first Hero for our all-new blog series - Life Stories by Ajit powered by The Vent Machine.  A boy who whose fortune was prophesied by the family priest on the day of his naming... Continue Reading →

An Exclusive with Author, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Ajit Panicker

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To begin with, I would like to know about your childhood - your family, hobbies and inspirations growing up? Childhood for me was no little red riding hood kind of a run. It was difficult. Coming from a family with humble means to meet our ends, was always difficult. I am a Mallu by birth, a... Continue Reading →

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