Local home expansion specialist, Durablinds, announced the launch of Ziptrak® Interior, a new addition to the line of track-guided blinds that Ziptrak® offers today. With considerable demand for interior blind products that provide superior insulation and advanced light control, Ziptrak® has adapted its widely popular outdoor system for the interior market.

“Traditional zip-and-pulley blinds can be a hassle to operate or prone to malfunction,” said Tony de ®Maaijer, the original inventor of Ziptrak. “The creation of Ziptrak Interior extends the durability of our spring-balanced, track-guided blind system while offering a solution that is highly versatile and functional, to interior users.”

Ong Shu Hwai, Managing Director of Durablinds, adds: “As living spaces within high-rise developments in Singapore have shrunk over the years, homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to carve out a space for separate functions. At Durablinds, our goal is to offer homeowners solutions that maximise their living spaces. With the launch of Ziptrak Interior, we enable more effective spatial planning with an indoor product that integrates form and function, with the option of customisation to suit homeowners’ preferences.”

Choices galore: There’s something for everyone

As an interior solution, Ziptrak® Interior provides enhanced light control with specially designed tracks locking the fabric on both sides of the blind, preventing light leakage or flapping of blinds when the window is open. With an astounding number of fabric and frame possibilities to customise blinds to fit their needs and design requirements, homeowners can use Ziptrak® Interior blinds to create a space that is ‘Infinitely Yours’.

Ziptrak Interior – Space-efficient wardrobe solution

Beyond the classic use of blinds to shield light coming through windows, Ziptrak® Interior blinds can also be utilised in a variety of creative ways to maximise the use of space within homes.

For those that love to host and are looking to create a cosy space to entertain guests, Ziptrak® Interior blinds’ superior light protection coupled with premium blackout fabrics creates the perfect atmosphere to host movie screenings and intimate dinner parties – it can even double up as a projector screen while maintaining a full blackout environment! Transform your spaces into a stay-home screening theatre, a gaming room, or a karaoke lounge to take home gatherings to the next level.

Those who find it hard to make space at home for various needs can look to Ziptrak® Interior blinds for more efficient use of space. Turn existing rooms into a home office with the right choice of Ziptrak® Interior fabric and furniture set-up for a productive space as you work from home. These interior blinds can also be used as partition doors for dressing areas or wardrobes, allowing users to preview their entire collection of clothes, bags, and shoes at a glance. Ziptrak® Interior blinds also prevent dust from accumulating on prized possessions, while the need for conventional door panels, which take up additional spaces when opened.

With a wide range of fabric and frame options available to suit a myriad of home and commercial-based needs, Ziptrak® Interior provides endless possibilities that transform interior blinds into highly versatile, space-saving solutions. In addition, for those who have a special fabric in mind or would like to exercise their creativity and personalise their blinds to elevate their home decor, Ziptrak® Interior offers the option of custom print fabric to help users create their own statement pieces.

Ziptrak Interior – Limited-edition printed blinds designed by Inkten_Fully closed

To further commemorate the new launch and in support of local artists, Ziptrak® Singapore collaborated with local artist, Nadirah ‘Inkten’ Razak, to create an exclusive artwork design for Ziptrak® Interior blinds. Nadirah, who is one half of local visual artist duo Ink & Clog, is well-known for her internationally acclaimed unique geometric style. Drawing inspiration from Ziptrak’s brand identity the shape and energy of the Ziptrak®logo and the piercing movement of sailing (which inspired the brand’s patented track-guided spline system), while blending blues and yellows together to represent the cohesiveness between the indoors and outdoors. The artwork will be available as a limited-edition customized print with Ziptrak®Interior blinds from today.

The safer and smarter choice page3image48512192

Ziptrak® Interior is equipped with a patented SuperSpring® system which requires no cords, chains, or any other materials that could pose potential strangling hazards. For the seamless operation of the blinds, its fingertip control allows users to pull the blinds and leave them at any height.

Ziptrak Interior – Complete blackout for optimum gaming environment

For optimal user experience, customers can also opt for motorisation, which allows users to operate their blinds using a remote control, mobile app, voice control and other smart home systems. To complement homeowners’ interior furnishing needs, the interior system offers versatile installation options – within the window, building or structure, reveal installation or face fix installation. In addition, users can opt for a dual Ziptrak® Interior installation to benefit from both light filtering and blackout fabrics for multi-functional interior solutions.

Ziptrak® Interior blinds can be installed in a dual configuration to provide both blackout (left) and light filtering (right) options to homeowners. The addition of lighting strips between the blinds creates a unique lighting alternative.

Ziptrak Interior – Bedroom_Blackout

Ziptrak® Interior is exclusively distributed in Singapore and Malaysia by its sole distributor, Durablinds Trading Pte. Ltd and is only available at authorized retailers. Customers are also encouraged to better understand the quality, colour options, sizes, materials, installation options and fabric choices of Ziptrak products at ClimaShield Solutions’ (Durablinds’ sister company) newly renovated showroom at I.Biz Centre.

Please visit https://www.sg.ziptrak.com/ for more information on Ziptrak’s products.



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