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Usher in the Lunar New Year with 7-Eleven’s new must-try range of ready-to-eat items!

A brand-new menu of 7-SELECT ready-to-eat delights from around the world, plus the return of fan favourites, are landing at 7-Eleven to start your year with a bang! Whether you want tasty treats to celebrate or lighter bites for those sticking to healthy new year resolutions, 7-Eleven’s got you covered!

It’s often said that the new year is the best time to set new goals and try new things! In 2022, 7-Eleven is yet again rolling out an all-new range of ready-to-eat items as well as bringing back some favourites from the past to tickle those taste buds.

Whether you’re looking for something more indulgent or a lighter, healthier option, 7-Eleven definitely has something for you as we usher in 2022 with a new menu and promotions for a limited time only!

Tasty treats to ring in the New Year

Take your pick from a variety of all-new items – Japanese, Chinese or Western – to get your year off to a great start! 7-SELECT Ozoni (Yuzu Seasoned Broth with Japanese Mochi) [U.P. $3.20] is our take on a Japanese soup traditionally enjoyed over the New Year, featuring Japanese fish cake, shiitake mushrooms, mochi and tender cubes of chicken in a dashi stock broth seasoned with zesty yuzu. Enjoy the blend of flavours and textures in this comforting Japanese classic.

  • 7-SELECT Sze Chuan Style Minced Chicken Noodles (Dan Dan Mian) [U.P. $4.50] boasts a fragrant spicy sauce made with 7-Eleven’s very own blend of 11 different spices and seasonings – including yellow bean paste, chilli flakes, Sze Chuan pepper, preserved mustard vegetable, sesame seeds, five spice powder and peanuts – and juicy morsels of minced chicken on a generous serving of fresh noodles with green vegetables on the side.
  • 7-SELECT Double Boiled Chicken La Mian [U.P. $4.30] features fresh wheat noodles cooked al dente, which are added to a double boiled chicken soup base that is rich in collagen and cooked at high pressure for a fragrant and smooth broth. Topped with green vegetables and wolfberries, this is Asian comfort food at its finest!
  • 7-SELECT Pesto Chicken Ciabatta [U.P. $5.50] is the perfect grab-and-go bite if you’re starting your new year healthy! Its soft and tasty ciabatta is filled with roasted basil chicken, arugula salad and perfectly-roasted zucchini slices with a slight crunch, all topped off with our unique in-house zesty basil cream pesto.
  • 7-SELECT Black Pepper Chicken Burger [U.P. $3.30] is pure deliciousness in a bun! A juicy chicken patty is topped with a flavoursome black pepper sauce and garnished with roasted onions, giving it sweetness and crunch in every bite. Enjoy great savings with our $4 Saver Combos when you pair it with Mug Root Beer 330ml, First Brew Lemongrass or Cane Barley.

Also, back by popular demand are our tempting desserts that are exclusively made in and brought in from Japan. Be spoilt for choice with these crowd-pleasing sweet treats – 7-SELECT Double Layered Custard Cream Puff [U.P. $1.90], 7-SELECT Milk Cream Roll Cake [U.P. $1.90] or7-SELECT Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake [U.P. $4.00]. The perfect finish to any meal occasion!

Enjoy $0.50 off 7-SELECT Ozoni or Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake when you buy 7-SELECT Sze Chuan Style Minced Chicken Noodles or Double Boiled Chicken La Mian from 5 Jan – 1 Feb 2022!

For more detail on launch dates and promotions, please refer to this summary table:

The following items are halal-certified: 7-SELECT Sze Chuan Style Minced Chicken Noodles, Double Boiled Chicken La Mian, Pesto Chicken Ciabatta, and Black Pepper Chicken Burger.

More promotions and updates can also always be found on the official 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook and 7-Eleven Singapore Instagram pages.

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